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Academic Writing across Disciplines in Africa: From Students to Experts
  Author Chapter title
Ch 1 Josef Schmied & Daniel Nkemleke Research Capacity Building via Academic Networks and Mentoring
Academic writing  from students to experts:
Ch 2 Josef Schmied Towards Non-Native Standards in BA and MA Theses: An Empirical Comparison of African, German, and Chinese Practices
Ch 3 Daniel Nkemleke Analyzing Research Article Introductions in the Humanities using the CARS Model: How Genre Knowledge can enhance Academic Writing Skills of Junior Scientists
Ch 4 Dunlop O. Ochieng/ Jessica Dheskali Simple Tools on the Internet for English Non-Native Academic writers in Africa
Ch 5 Samuel Atechi Exploring Gender Differences in the use of Hedges and Boosters among Advanced ESL Learners in Cameroon
Ch 6 Comfort O. Ojongnkpot Accomplishing Scientific Writing: The case of the Long Essay in English Language Studies at The University of Buea
Ch 7 Jacinta S. Edusei Academic Writing in Ghana: Hedging Among Advanced L2 Users of English
Ch 8 Camilla Arundie Cohesive Devices in Students’ Research Proposals in Cameroon English
Ch 9 Alexandra Esimaje & Susan Hunston A Corpus-Based Study of Tense uses by Advanced Learners of English in Nigeria
Linguistic descriptions in a Cameroonian context
Ch 10 Augustin Simo Bobda The phonology of Ln Englishes: specific and common routes,and convergence with innovations in L1 English
Ch 11 Bonaventure M.  Sala Ellipsis in Cameroon Spoken English
Ch 12 Napoleon K. Epoge The Syntax of Non-Focalized Wh-Question in Cameroon Spoken English
Ch 13 Mohamadou Moubarak Time and Punctuality: Cameroonian and American Cultural Scripts
Ch 14 Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng Explicating the Semantics of Metaphors in the Language of Corruption in Cameroon
Language use in a Pedagogic Context and the Demand for English
Ch 15 Justina Njika Linguistic Practices of Postgraduate Students at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Yaoundé
Ch 16 Valentine N. Ubanako Demand and Supply of English in Selected Language Centres in the City of Yaoundé
Film, Cinema  and Performance Art in Anglophone Cameroon
Ch 17 Layih N. Butake Contemporary Anglophone Cameroon Cinema in the Mediation of an Anglophone Identity: Language and Mediums
Ch 18 Pani Nalowa Fominyen Anglophone Cameroon Video Films and Representation
Health Geography in Africa
Ch 19 Humphrey N. Ngala Air Traffic and International Health in Africa: The Need for Innovative Health Policies and Systems