Linkage programme

Academic mobility: strategy for research capacity building and integration of junior scientists in the University of Yaoundé 1 and TU Chemnitz in linguistics.

This research group linkage project is a platform for academic cooperation and exchange through mobility of scientists in the University of Yaoundé 1 and TU Chemnitz, for research capacity building (incl. digital humanities) and integration of junior scientists in linguistics. The activities envisaged include the organization of two specialist workshops and two research colloquia. Ten participants are involved. An advocacy and service role is integrated into the proposed activities moving into the future in which senior scientists will continue to provide information on publication opportunities and conferences and will help mediate academic texts of junior scientists, in view of optimizing their chances for quality publications and eventually successful applications for the Humboldt scholarship scheme.

Objectives: integration of junior scientists

  • Provide opportunity for academic socialization and placement of Cameroonian junior scientists abroad
  • Provide regular information on publication outlets and conferences for Cameroonian junior scientists
  • Provide a forum for mediating academic text for Cameroonian junior scientists