Conference in Poland May 12-16, 2016

poland-img_1892I participated in a conference at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition (OBTA), May 12-16 under the theme: “Chasing Mystical Beast…The Reception of Creatures from Graeco-Roman Mythology in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture as  Transformational Marker”. I presented a paper co-authored with Dr Divine Che Neba, a colleague in my department. Our presentation was entitled: “Myths, Beasts, and Creatures: Towards the Construction of Human Categories in Oral Tradition in Cameroon”. This conference was organized by Prof. Katarzyna Marciniak, who received the Humboldt Alumni Prize for Innovative Research Initiative with me in June 2014. Our research collaboration began during that event, and today my university and OBTA are involved in a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Project in which she is the PI (Principal Investigator). The project involves three other universities: University of Roehampton, UK; University of New England, Australia, and Bar-Ilan University, Israel. This collaboration is an example of how the Network of scholars within the Humboldt Foundation scheme can have a multiplier effect with long lasting impact on the research of junior scientists.

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